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Where's the mobile phone forum?

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I'm trying to get help and have resorted to the TPG Community, but cannot find a category for posting questions about mobile phone issues.
- TPG Phone app, when I click on support takes me back to the login (when I'm already logged in).
- TPG "My account" does the same
- Online chat does not seem to be available
- I cannot make or receive calls (so I can't ring).
- SMS works fine, both send and receive.
- Mobile data works fine.
Network is set to auto-detection and showing as TPG (4G). I have 5 bars. Phone is a Redmi K20 Pro (doesn't support 5G)

Please help!

Level 2

Additional: From reading of other people's issues...

My phone says VoLTE calls aren't supported by the CARRIER. I cannot access the setting to change it.

According to, Vodafone supports B1 (2100), B3 (1800), B5 (850) bands and my phone supports all 3.

Level 2

I've solved the call problem myself (thanks internet). Meanwhile, the feedback about your app, website etc remains valid.