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Why am i paying $70 a month to barely reach 1MB/sec speeds, Still, after 10+ Calls

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Kinda ridiculous i have paid for so long to reach a certain speed i bet long before NBN, Had close to 10+MB/sec downloads with telstra, Can't even push 1 with you guys, not only that i suffer through 3-4 disconnects every HOUR, Sick of it to be honest, but hey keep telling me its not your fault. and how its my computer, or the congestion, oor wait what about the last one, potential hackers, or hey just shove the blame to NBN again, such a joke. Cannot wait to be free of this "Super fast NBN"


Hi @Whatajoke


There are different types of dropouts that you may experience:

  1. Network dropouts, this dropout is caused by a line fault on TPG or NBN's network. Affecting all device(s) LAN/Wireless connected to the modem/router this may require a real-time test and investigation by our Technicians and Engineers.
  2. Wireless dropouts, this issue only affects the device(s) connected via Wi-Fi which can easily be fix by doing adjustment to the modem/router's settings.
  3. Dropouts caused by ongoing outage in your area.

In the event that you experience dropouts via Wireless/Wi-Fi connection, we recommend having a read on the following articles:

We have also created this article that can guide you on How to Check for NBN Network Outage