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I currently do not have a service with TPG but am seriously concidering one. My concern now is - who turns on the telephone line if indead it has to be turned on ?.  When it gets turned on i dont have to pay telstra do i ?

ok yes i have a landline point in the house to plug in a ordinary handset, BUT, it is currently not turned on, in otherwords if i plug in a landline hand set , it wont work, So , if i go with tpg and plug in the nbn box they supply to the telephone socket, in order to plug the modem tpg supplyes to the nbn box , in order to plug the modem  into my tv, what happens , does TPG activate the telephone line, you know , the line that that goes through the house out to the powerploles, (with or without a phone number?) or do i have get telsta to activate it as in turn it on.


Hi @james8 


Depending on the type of technology available at your address, the home phone/VoIP will be either directly connected to the NBN NTD box or the modem/router.


To have an idea, check this article:

For us to give you more information on what type of setup will be available for you, just send us a private message with your address.


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