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phone customer service talks alot but says nothing

Level 2

Hi TPG management I hope your reading this,

would you kindly please revise the scripts your CSRs use to speak to customers. They can be most annoying, as they speak alot yet say nothing useful. For example I recently upgraded my NBN plan, and wanted to know how long for the new plan to take affect. The CSR would not give me a chance to speak, instead proceeded to tell me that I can send and receive emails browse the internet etc in the longest possible way a human can put a sentence together. It made me furious, because if I could do all that before shouldn't I be able to the same only faster if I am upgrading the speed of my NBN plan. 


@nanoya I apologize for any inconvinience that this has caused you. We'll take your concerns into consideration so we can further improve the service we provide.


NBN to NBN change of plan with speed adjustment may take within 2 - 24 hours.


Let us know if you have further queries or if you need further assistance.


Kind regards,

Joseph D