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why does my mobile drop out during a conversation

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hi TPG, I am in Concord (Sydney) and my mobile keeps dropping out on phone calls.  The call will be find for the first 15 seconds, and then will just drop out for a while, and then if I wait about 5-10 seconds of silence, I will be able to hear the other person again.  So in a 5 minute call, I have missed almost half of the conversation.  And this is happening on each and every phone call. 


I have a Samsung phone and my wife who has a Huawei also has the same problem, so I know it must be the TPG network that is the issue.


When I called TPG customer service today they said there was planned maintenance in the area and that could be causing the issue, but when I checked the service status page, there is no planned maintenance listed there.  Even if there was planned maintenance, it should not continue for this long - has been at least two weeks already.  Could you please resolve this asap 


Hi @jneems,


Upon checking, there will be a planned network upgrade in your area soon. Voice calls, text messages and data services may be affected.


You may refer to this link for more info: Scheduled network maintenance and upgrades



- Ahra_G

Level 6

Suggest providing more information.  Location suburb and/or postcode. = well done Smiley Happy

Start logging date and time drop outs occur.