Abysmal customer service

Level 2

I am unbelievably frustrated with TPG's customer service. It's the worst.

I connatcted them to upgrade my plan. Yes, I actually wanted to give them more of my money!


After over an hour of waiting in the chat for a rep, I was answered by Jay-R.

When I told him what I wanted to to, he said I need to send an email. I proceeded to try and ask a few more questions, but I assume he was dealing with someone else, as he didn't reply. I enede up ending the chat after 20 minutes of no reply.

I did send the email, as required. It's been 4 days and (of course), no reply.

TPG, what gives?? is that what you call customer service? this is a great way to lose clients.

I'm attaching a screen grab of my "chat" with Jay-R