Constant dropouts on FTTB

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Hi @Varkster, A TPG Technician is book for tomorrow. I sent you a private message for a complete details. Please check. Smiley Wink


Hi @Salemvii,


Our Engineering Team monitored your connection and it's now stable for connected for: 1d 2h 5m. In case you will need assistance or will experience other technical issues. Don't hesitate to let us know, we'd love to help.


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I seem to be having exactly the same issue. The DSL connection is fine however the internet connection seems to drop out randomly. Initially it has been every few days (so I didn’t think much of it) – except today the internet connection has dropped out 3 times. The modem usually reconnects automatically within 5-20 minutes. Until about a week or so ago this has never been a problem…

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Seems to be like there is a service status up now ... are you in VIC?

FTTB & NBN Users in VIC
Service Affected:NBN | FTTB
Outage Started:Wednesday 1 November 2017, 8:30 PM AEDST
Estimated Restoration:Wednesday 1 November 2017, 11:30 PM AEDST (3hours )
Severity: Major
Due to an unplanned outage, some customers in Victoria may experience Phone and Internet connection difficulties. TPG apologises for any inconvenience.
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Yep in Victoria. I did see the NBN issue but didn't realise it was FTTB too - maybe that was it hmmm... Although my wife was working from home today & did say there was a random drop out at around 4pm this afternoon (about 5 minutes later the modem reconnected successfully).


I have been with TPG FTTB for over 3+ years now & it’s only really been the last 1-2 weeks these internet connection dropouts have started…

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Hi Shane, thanks for the help. Connection was working fine again for the last day or two but has been dropping out consistently today. The NBN/FTTB maintenance that was mentioned earlier was said to have been completed yesterday - is it not running to schedule?
Just my luck this happening as I'm meant to be studying for exams 😅
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For you has this only started happening recently? Have you changed anything in the last few weeks? I played with some of the DSL settings last night - mainly around Stability Adjustment (VDSL) which I set to 6 dB (was 0 by default).

I dont think this will have any impact as the DSL connection never actually drops out (I believe in FTTB terms DSL connection just means it’s connected to the MDF box downstairs? someone pls correct me if that is wrong) and it’s the internet connection that is being dropped but guess will see..
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Hi Guys,

Over the past few days TPG has been investigating intermittent Phone and Internet connection queries reported by our TPG FTTB customers in Victoria.

We put our best engineers on this task and throughout the night we have implemented a number of fixes to resolve this issue.

We can confirm that we haven’t seen any more related faults since yesterday.

Like always we continuously monitor and upgrade our network to provide the best service for our customers

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Thanks for the update @Manuel

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Hey. Thanks for the update - On a side note are there any especific VDSL settings that are recommended by TPG for FTTB? I am using ASUS DSL AC68U ..