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FTTB - Apartment Tower Building Missing

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Hi All!


I have a tricky one and need some advice.


12 months ago I moved into an apartment (Building A - Street X) in West Perth. As NBN is a while away from being available in this area I signed up for ADSL with another provider. When the technician was connecting up the service he commented and showed me the TPG FTTB box active in the MDF room which inside the main apartment tower (Building B - Street Y).


Building A - No FTTB Available

Building B - FTTB Available


These building are connected with the same strata and comms room, but they have different street frontages. I tried to explain to TPG that it is the same complex and all the comms run out of the same MDF room but my issue was never resolved as on their system it is not available from my address.


It looks like when the TPG installed the FTTB to the complex they forgot to activate Building A.


Any ideas on how I can raise this issue with TPG? I went through the process about 11 months ago and it didn't go anywhere, is there a better contact than the customer service?





Hi @arobs,


Welcome to TPG community!


We'd like to look into this further. Please send us a private message of your complete home address and let's see what we can do.



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Thank you for getting back to me. PM sent.


Hi @arobs,


PM received. Thank you so much. I'll get back to you once update is available.



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Just an update on how quickly this was sorted.


Tuesday - Posted issue to forum.

Wednesday - Technician visited apartment building.

Friday - TPG website updated and I have already applied for a new connection.


Thanks to Manuel & BasilDV for sorting this out so fast!

Community Manager

No worries at all @arobs, It was our pleasure to help you out and get your service connected.

I can see that you are now connected and experiencing great speeds on our TPG FTTB product.

Just reposting your speedtest here for all to see.