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FTTB Huawei HG659 Very frequent dropouts since about a week (Lan & Wifi)

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I have been experiencing drop-outs on my home network. This is a relatively recent development. I am not sure if it is modem related or some sort of malicious activity generated from the computer I use. 


Welcome to the community, @davidius!


We'd like to help. Please PM me your account details (username/customer ID) I'll have your connection checked.


Also, what troubleshooting have you done so far?




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I have increased the security settings on the modem. This appeared to improve the stability of the connection for a period of time, but it has since reverted to the frequent drop outs. Makes me think the temporary improvement was the result of something else. 


Do you expect me to provide username/customer ID through this forum? Is there any way to communicate privately?


Hi @davidius,


Are you still experiencing the frequent dropouts? You can shoot us a private message of your TPG username or CID number to secure your account. Thanks.