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FTTB Install - Port Allocation Issues

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Level 2

I signed up for FTTB on 28th November. 


I received a call on 29th November to say there was an issue with port allocation. She could provide no further information or a timeline on how long it would take to resolve. 


I called on 1st December to follow up as I had not heard anything further. I spoke to Customer Service and they had no details of the call. They put me throught to Technical Support and they had no details. They put me throught to a Case Manager and all they could say was there was no update and still a port allocation issue. 


What does port allocation issue mean? Are there no more ports available at my building? If this is the case, do I have to wait until someone moves or cancels? 

Community Manager

Hi @richplatt,

Welcome to the community.

Thanks for your time on the phone today. I will keep you in the loop of any changes with your installation of our TPG FTTB.


Community Manager

Good news @richplatt, Your Installation is in progress and a modem is being sent to your mominated address. Once you receive the modem a technician will be in contact with you to check for your availability to complete the installation.


Level 2

Thank you, I have received the Modem. How can I arranged installation? 

I need to arrange with my Strata for access. 




Community Manager

Hi @richplatt,

I have forwarded your installation details to the technician that's completing your installation. He will be in contact with you to organise the best date and time to complete the work.

You will also need to co ordinate with strata for access o the communications room (MDF)

The tech will give you the info you need when they contact you.