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FTTB Recolation and No Ports Available

Level 1a

Hi there,


So I am moving apartments very soon within the same suburb in the city and the building I am moving to is TPG FTTB enabled. I called yesterday enquiry about the relocation and oh surprise, no ports available and no ETA as to when ports will become available. 


I am feeling so dissapointed and frustrated by TPG that I prefer to cancel my services and move to 4G rather than going back to ADSL2+ or even connecting to an ridiculously expensive NBN plans.


Is there anything than can possible be done for to relocate my TPG FTTB internet plan to my new location?




Hi @jonnyp, we have also received your concern on a separate thread and we have replied to it. Please check our response here:


We have made a follow up with our Complaints Resolution Team and advised the case manager to contact you as soon as possible.

Level 1a

Thanks for your help.


I look forward to a prompt solution.


Thanks @jonnyp. Our Complaints Resolution Team is closely monitoring the case and will be in touch via email for further updates.


Should you have further queries, you may directly contact the case manager via return mail.