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FTTB Relocation, no Port Availability for over a month, still being charged my monthly fee

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Hi, I had FTTB at my last address but moved to a new place that also offered the service, this was on the 8th of December. I was told 10 - 20 days for port allocation but I've now been waiting over a month and nothing yet.


I've been in contact with my case manager and asked whether I can get some temporary solution while I am waiting, such as NBN or ADSL, but apprently it can't be done, that if I change to NBN then my FTTB order will be withdrawn. Surely if I am still being charged my monthly fee for internet TPG can offer something while I am waiting for FTTB port allocation...?


Hi @damienp63,


We're sorry for the inconvenience this issue is causing you.


Sadly, we are unable to provide a time frame as to when this port allocation issue can be resolved, but rest assured that we will continue in chasing this matter.


At this point, we recommend that you sign up with TPG NBN service and we will have the Case Manager contact you to further discuss the matter.


Moreover, our Sales Team will continuously monitor the area and will notify you once ports become available.

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Hi, thanks for your response.


Unfortunately I've just spoken with someone at TPG and they've told me that neither NBN or ADSL is an option at this address! This means I have to no choice but to wait for port allocation. If this is the case then I need TPG to stop charging my monthly fee until I have internet, I don't want to be paying for a service I don't have.


Hi @damienp63,


I have reviewed your account and notified our Moving home team to check for other options. They will be in contact within the day to discuss this. Should you fail to receive a call, please let us know.


Kind regards,


Good day @damienp63.


I understand that our Moving home team has been in touch and has processed the order for NBN FTTB service. Further updates with the order will be given by them. Should you require any assistance, please let us know.


Kind regards,