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FttB disconnection to Blizzard / network

Level 2

Hi, I  have a FTTB connection in Sydney. Never had this problem before, but in the past 2 days, I've been disconnected from Blizzard/ servers at least 4 times and I'm unable to reconnect for about 10-15mins back into the servers. The only option seems to be using a VPN to reconnect where it seems connects back straightaway, although at a reduced speed (higher ping) since through a VPN.

Level 2

Same issue here mate, Western Australia same problem 

soon as I Teather works but pings ect are bad, cant ping \ connect to any website hosted but friends with other Service providers dont have an issue at all. 


TPG this looks like a wide spread issue looking over the topics raised in the past few days please sort this out Smiley Sad 


even coming up on Whirlpool..


Hi @dman and @Mowie,


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We are aware of the issue that our customers have been experiencing in connecting to online games at night time. However, we can't identify the root cause of the issue as of the moment as we need more evidence.


Since it only occurs at night time, we need your help to run some test for us to analyze this further. Can you please run a tracert and continuous ping test to the server once you've experienced it tonight? This will help our network engineers investigation of the issue. You may send it via PM to me.


Kind regards,