Netgear D6400

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I can't no get a IP working for my netgear D6400 no matter what I do.

Hi @tylerharper62


Welcome to the Community! 


You can check on the following article to help you in setting up your equipment: Setting up 3rd party devices to work with TPG internet


Please be advised that for NBN services, the equipment that you need to use should be a VDSL modem. 


Based on the account I've managed to locate using your Community details, there is an internet connection detected. 


Should you still require assistance, please don't hesitate to let us know. 





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Hi Ahra,


I have the same issues. It worked properly, but about two week ago it stopped suddenly without any changes in the Netgear D64000 router. The DLS Link is up but the WAN is not connected.


Though, there was some scheduled maintenance in our area (Brisbane City) on that time.

So, I had to put the old TP-Link back, but it's very unrealiable in the WLAN (Wi-fi) i.e. frozen occasionally, cannot login to the TP-Link and I have always power off nad on again.


Also, I do not have access to the above mentioned  Setting up 3rd party devices to work with TPG internet

It says Access denied.


I am sending a PM to you with my username and phone.