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Occasional FTTB dropouts now daily and up to 50 times a day

Level 2

Wasn't sure where to post this but for the last two months our periodic dropouts have become just constant dropouts.


Almost like clockwork from around 6pm daily we are getting dropouts.


During the day it is more random but it goes from periods of no issues to drop outs every minute or so to connected and then dropping out again.


I have never really had issue before to contact anyone as I figured being mostly up and having dropouts a few days a month was normal.


As stated before it has gone from occasional to daily.



Hi @ababiolakis


The issue is now raised to our Engineering Team for further investigation. 


Recent update also indicated that a technician was booked today, 25 August 2021 to check on the line. 


The assigned Engineer will be in touch as soon as he receives an update from the visiting tech today.