Problem with HG659 bridge mode and USG

Level 1c

I've tried using HG659 bridge mode to connect to USG and ubiquiti switch but unable to get internet working.


I've done changing the Start Wizard -> connect with another modem.

I've selected pppoe and entered my username/password.

For the first time it actually connected for about 1 minute before the connection died.

Unable to replicate it ever since.


The only way to get internet back is by hard resetting the modem which is annoying and i would really like to get this bridge mode with USG working.


Any ideas?


Thanks in advance.


Hi @civictyper,


Welcome to the community!


We have existing threads that may help you on how to bridge our supplied Huawei HG659. You may visit the links below.


Note: We do not have information/ the required settings on how to bridge USG and ubiquiti switch.


Let us know should you require further assistance.