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Reduced Upload Speed (<1Mbps) and No FTTB VOIP Service After Resetting Archer VR1600v (v1) Modem

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Hello TPG,


Last Saturday (6th April) I hard-reset the Archer VR1600v (v1) modem, as instructed by TPG phone support, because the FTTB upload speed was less than 1Mbps. The upload speed briefly recovered but has since again reverted back to a reduced speed of less than 1Mbps, and I'm not sure of the cause or when it happeneds.


Also, the VOIP light is off and the Home Phone service is no longer working after the initial reset, and TPG phone supported suggested the modem would autoconfigure within 24 hours.


Firmware Version: 1.1.0 0.9.1 v5006.0 Build 180828 Rel.35294n
Serial Number: 3181077005084


I will restart the modem and post back here if resolved.


Thank you.

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I found the upload issue, it may be a bug or misconfiguration of Bandwidth Control settings.


Because I want to determine the Control Rules for Guest Network Bandwidth, then Bandwidth Control must be enabled. When Bandwidth Control is enabled you must configurte both Upstream and Downstream rates and I set the maximum limits for both as displayed on the same configuration page.


I never made a screen grab but when I logged into the Archer VR1600v (v1), after rebooting it, the Bandwidth Control's "Current Upstream Rate:" was set to ONLY 900Kbps. Probably an automatic/defaulting adjustment as nobody has configuration rights to the VR1600v (v1) modem/router except me, and I certainly have not configure such a low figure for the general upload bandwidth.


Another interesting fact is after a reboot the "Current Upstream Rate:" was also greyed out and not configurable. Is it possible that if the actual line speed ever fluctuates to a value lower than the configured setting, the configure setting is nulled? Maybe I've missed something here...


The issue with the VOIP service remains, it has not sync'd since a reset last Saturday (6th April). Any help with this is certainly appreciated.


Thank you.

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VOIP service operational.
Best regards to the TPG Team.
Thank you!