Slow down sync, normal up sync on FTTB

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I've recently moved into a new flat that has FTTB. My last place of residence also had TPG FTTB and I am reusing all the same HW (TPG-provided Huawei modem bridged to a TP-Link router) and the same nominal 100/40 mbps plan.


These were both always-on devices and I had no issues with sync speed at my old address. It might be that I would have to reboot the router once every few months, if that.


At my new address, I'm getting very low down sync (< 10mbps) but the up sync is always in the expected range (35-40 mbps). This improves if I reboot the router, but only up to about 35 mpbs down sync, and eventually it drops below 10 mpbs again.


Can you please advise if there is an issue with my installation? My TPG account name is per my username.


Hi @muttlee59,


Can you send us a screenshot of the of what you see in your modem?


I looked at both your connection configuration and the speed we are giving, the downstream is 99.99 Mbps, the upstream is 40.96 Mbps.


Do you know how to reset & reconfigure the modem?


This link may help


Kind regards,

Joseph D

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Hi Joseph, thanks for looking into my line speed. Screenshot attached of my router's connection settings.
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Hi @muttlee59 , I think it would be best to remove the TP-link router out of the internal network first and test the HW modem. Smiley Happy