Trying to be Organised for a house move

Level 2

I have been trying since Wednesday 15th April to get in contact regarding a house move, so I am up & running on return to working from home.


There is no one on the end of the phone line; no on responds to Chat messages (they just get closed without a response); the instructions on moving house online are no longer working like you think they are & making a complaint (once you find HOW TO!) & no one replies.. I JUST WANT TO CHANGE MY ADDRESS!!


If you dont want my business, cancel my service (WITHOUT the contract cancellation fee) & I will happily go to Aussie Broadband who are now calling for my business after a quick chat that only took 7minutes in queue!!


Hi msfjblue


My apologies if you are not able to reach our support people.

My records shows that your NBN service will be connected on your new premises soon.

You can follow your installacion process online