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Upgrade from ADSL2+ to FTTB - setup complete but have lost network connectivity between computers

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I have just upgraded from ADSL2+ to FTTB. A couple of initial problems:


1. Installer arrived and setup using our existing modem, but was unaware that the existing modem did not support telephone calls. Advised me that I should wait 20mins to 2 hours for the phone service to start, however it never started.


2. Upon contacting TPG, I spend around 2-3 hours on the phone with a technician, before they concluded that I was supplied a faulty modem with non-functional LAN ports. I was advised that I could either use my exisitng modem and have no phone line, or use the faulty TPG modem, have a phone and use wi-fi. However I have many devices cnonected through a wired CAT network. So neither option was desirable. Had to wait 3 days for a replacement modem.


3. Replacement modem arrived today, however this was not a simple process of plug and play. I had to contact tech support and reconfigure the modem and my computers are connected through a TP-Link netowrk switch and the network they were looking for was rather than the default for the modem (


4. After reconfiguring the modem, we have now got phone and internet, however our network has lost connectivity (ie. I cannot see all the other computers/devices connected through the switch, I can only see a couple of them). This is VERY FRUSTRATING. Has anyone else had this issue? Can anyone help me please...?





Hi @acousticdyn,


Welcome to the TPG Community!


Thanks for alerting us to the bad service you have received and we’re terribly sorry for this experience regarding the faulty modem. We understand how frustrating this can be when you are wanting to use your service as soon as possible. 


We're glad to know that the issue has been addressed immediately. Currently, we're seeing that your FTTB connection is already up and running for more than 24 hours now.



Looking at your situation, if you have a netwrok switch connected to the FTTB modem. Are they connected using a designated IP per device? We just like to have a broader view of your set up. Thank you. 

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When I look through the Tp-link modem, they each have unique assigned IP addresses (between and, however these are not fixed IP addresses within the settings for each device (ie. I think they are dynamic).


Hi @acousticdyn,


Thank you for the information.


Given that the modem has a different default gateway ( compare to the usual, does the devices connected to your switch was configured to have a static IP in them? Or they are all configured as Dynamic/Use default DHCP?


It is possible that some of your devices connected to the switch have an IP address which was configured under the range of the old modem ( Were you able to check it?


May we also have the model of the switch that you are using and the lists of the devices connected to it for us to visualise your set up?


Kind regards,


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Hi @acousticdyn


Is the DHCP enabled in Tp-link modem?

Can you tell us the range of your DHCP?

Is this a simple layer 2 switch (no interface)?

Are the computer/devices connecting to switch obtain their IP address automatically?


sorry for the barrage of questions Smiley Wink