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Cancel installation, Who received a refund?

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Hi Community


First of all, if you are considering TPG.... dont! Everything written on this community page is right. They are a crap service and your installation will take FOREVER. I went with another provider that set me up in one week.


After many stuff arounds with installation was over it and asked for a refund of my $179 set up fee. They declined as they said i cancelled when my installation was complete, when it was not. They only want to Refund me $99.


To clarity, i never used there service but they want to take my money.


My question is - Has anyone cancelled and received their $179 set up fee.


Hi @gendurbridge,


We reviewed the account and checked the notes from our Complaints resolution case manager.


During your application, you were advised that installation will take 5 to 20 working days.
On 21 December 2018, service was installed which is the 19th working day.


Service was proven working from the exchange up to the network boundary point which is the MDF (Main Distribution Frame)
However service was still not working from your end so we offered a technician visit to fix the connection from the MDF (Main Distribution Frame) going to your unit even if this is already beyond TPG's support boundary.


As an internet service provider, TPG is responsible for providing the service from the exchange up to the network boundary point.
If a customer is living in a standalone house, the network boundary point is the first phone socket.


If the customer is living in a unit of an apartment or building, the network boundary point is the MDF (Main Distribution Frame).
Anything beyond this point is the customer's responsibility


In your case, TPG have installed the service up to the MDF (Main Distribution Frame).
For your service to work, technician needs to fix the cabling from the MDF going to your unit which is the customer's responsibility.


You refused to accept the technician and decided to cancel the account.
Due to the available information we have on file, it will be difficult to justify for TPG to provide a full refund.


TPG have paid 3rd party charges just to install the service and we even offered a technician visit to fix the connection which is already beyond our support boundary.

Your case manager will be waiting for your response from his E-mail and will be in contact by Monday as they are closed on Weekends.


Kind regards,