someone answer me please thanks!

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I am moving to my new house and I already changed my plan because in the new house FTTB is available.

I am just worried my current plan and internet in my current house get disconnected before we move out.

We will move out in 10 days.

I called support and talked to 6 different people they just pass me to each other and no one says anything useful!

It is a simple question can I change my plan on 29th of January or not? Is my internet get disconnected from my

current place before I move out or not? There is no one in TPG to answer this question?!


And call me on XXXXXXXXXX if you really can help! thanks.


Hi @Ayakito 


Thanks for raising this with us.


We've edited your post as it contains your mobile number. Please avoid posting any account/personal information on a public thread as it may compromise your security.


While the FTTB order is in progress, the service will still work in your current address. You'll receive a notification email about the installation, which you may request to move or reschedule if it's not going to work out with your available time/date.



Level 2

Thank you this is all I needed to know.

I don't know why 6 operators couldn't give me this answer on the phone.


thanks again.