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Hello, I am requesting a refund or credit on my internet bill for the last few months.  The internet has not been working properly since the last visit from your Technician.  For the last few months, there has been a 0 reading on the modem.  I have made enquiries to TPG to repair, but was told that since I am currently in the process of having NBN installed, TPG will not bother to fix the ADSL.  I was due to have the NBN installed on the 6th April, but the Technicians found problems with the laying of the cable, so it has been postponed.

Meanwhile, I have not had the internet working for 6 months, but I have been paying the bill for services.

I am now requesting a refund of money paid on my bills for the internet component and will resume paying the account once the NBN is installed.  Please look into this as a priority matter.  The property is 67 Parkes Drive Helensvale Qld 4212.  Ph 0412 798 879 ...... thank you Wendy de Vries  


Hi wendydevries.


My records shows that your case has been escalated, We will update you when this is completed.