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Can't log into my TPG account

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I'm another who has been unable to log into their account using the details they have had for many years.


In order to migrate my email account, as per the TPG instructions, I went  to log in for thee first time in quite some time.


However, when I tried to use first my user name (xxxxxx) and my normal password, I received the same "mobile number missing" message that some others have received.  I then tried again, using my Customer ID, but received the same error message.


I then tried again, using the mobile number that I _think_ may be in my account (frankly I'm not sure - I may have changed it since setting up my account some 13 years ago, so I tried all possible numbers), but again, received the same error message.


Thinking that perhaps my password was the problem, I tried to reset it by using the "Forgotten your password?" function - but again it failed, with a message coming up that the request had failed and suggesting I ring the helpline.


Rather than phoning (among other things I have poor hearing and phone conversations are often difficult), I thought I would first try sending this message. From searching the Community it appears that I'm far from the only person to have had these problems.


Strangely though, I'm still able to access my email at the TPG site using my long time user-name and password!


Grateful for directions on how to access my account, in order to migrate my email account (and update any out of date account information while I'm at it!).


Best regards - 



Hi @cannon59 


We've edited your post as it contains your account details.

Please avoid posting any personal or account information on a public thread as it may compromise your security.


The error message you received indicates that there's no mobile number or it was wrong.


In order to check this, please send us a private message with your account details.