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Can you please explain why people in your Technical Support Live Chat area are closing off live chat

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I have raised @ least 7 or 8 requests in your Live Chat for Technical Support & all these have been closed by your staff without actioning any of the requests.

I commend you for taking the positive action that you have regarding staff working remotely due to COVID19

I condemn you for what can only be described as wilful misconduct by your employees regarding the closure of these chats without resolution

Are you working under a KPI bonus scheme in respect of closure rates, that everyone @ TPG is protecting?
Are you providing inaccurate information to Minister for Communications & overstating your situation regarding service levels?

Who is making the decision to close these chat requests? If the decision is coming from senior management then they should be sacked,
Have to question Ministers approval to your recent M&A on basis that your current service standards are extremely poor & this should have been a serious consideration with the M&A
David & Vicky is this truly the company you envisaged when you started out?
Now looks like a case of take the $ each month from the punters, then provide shoddy & irresponsible service to them,

I’m happy for you to contact me regarding this matter, you have my contact details, every time you contact me, you refer to me as Dear Valued Customer

The matter will be referred to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman as well. I will be seeking financial compensation for the excessive amount of time lost with this poor service issue,


1st CHAT raised @ 6pm Wed 18th March. Chat closed by TPG without any feedback / assistance what so ever.
Up to 6 more chats raised over past several days & ALL have simply been closed by TPG without any assistance provided.
Is this being done to ensure any bonus to staff that is related to support closure rates meets the required KPI??

Current Chat, raised @ 2.26.21pm Friday 20th March
At close of Technical Support on Friday night, my chat was @ #4 in the queue
Saturday @ 9am, still @ #4.
At 10am @ #3 (is there only one person working today in tech support OR are other cases being cherry picked out of the queue?)



Hi @Brian


We appreciate your feedback as this is not the experience we want to provide to our customers.


This will be investigated and be dealt with internally.


Please bear with us during this period as we transition our team to work from home. We are committed to provide assistance to our customers during these difficult times.


Let us know if we can provide further assistance.

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Don't bother calling customer service. They closed their call centres but didn't bother to shut down the queue. You are forced to use their online chat in which they ignore your messages and close the chat.

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I have to say BasilDV that this is persisting and very frustrating for your clients. 

Also, perhaps a suggestion to your folks in Marketing.  Whilst there is no call centre at your end, change your recorded messages to instruct (not merely ‘encourage’) customers to go to online chat because by the end of the message, there is no other choice because the call drops out.


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I am having exactly the same issue no service for days. Waiting fir hours to tbthrough on the chat then disconnected when transferred to a case manager with no resolution. No call snacks as promised. 


I am my wits end. Unable to work and TPG are doing nothing to help.  

absolutly disgraceful.


can anyone offer any advice. I need t be connected in order to feed my family. 

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This happened to me as well last night - 2 hours in total and no better off at the abrupt and unexpected conclusion of the call. I missed out on dinner with the family and it was a painfully slow protracted exercise that gave me the impression that agents were working on several jobs simultaneously. 


"Ira" was often unresponsive, left me hanging not knowing that my issue was still being attended to. It culminated in a recommendation by Ira and I immediately asked a couple of questions in relation to this. I then immediately get a message after the half an hour or so interchange, something like this "we haven't heard from you for a while now so we're ending the chat. Have a nice day". How to make one's blood boil! Wholly inept and inadequate TPG. It left me feeling unimportant, irrelevant and of no value as a customer. 


While we are all under strain with the important measures put in place with COVID19, this is absolutely no excuse for deplorable service. What concerns me about posting here is that it's within the controllable confines of TPG. There is definitely a need for accountabilty here and not some lip service "thank you for letting us know and we will investigate it". That is also likely to disappear into the etha. 


TPG - don't advertise that you are No1 on service. Incidents like this do so much damage. People talk about it, tell others, post on outside social media. Word spreads. In this age, it is absolutely necessary to admit fault and come clean. Be accountable and show that you will take this on and eliminate it from being an issue. 


I sincerely hope this issue is attended to properly (David Teoh are you there?)  and promptly. 

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I have had similar experience. I bought new nbn connection and modem so I can work from home and live online during COVID. Modem delivered promptly but no sign of nbn activation. So I had a runaround between tpg phone line, which eventually after several re-directs, tells you to use Chat function. But the Chat has an auto-reply that all officers are busy and unable to chat now. So I’m yet to have adequate data after 3 weeks.
I was disappointed because I’d been recommended tpg (as a frustrated Telstra mobile customer) but now finding tpg an impenetrable bureaucracy.
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Despite how annoyed I also am with the closing of live tech support, I really can't blame them. The pandemic has been hard on all of us.


I just wished you'd given us a heads up about this. Including, of course, a detailed and valid reason as to why you decided to close off the live chat. We do deserve to get more information about this issue.


Hi @nathangibbs


Welcome to the Community!


Our support team are back in taking calls, which is why the live chat was turned off.

If you need any assistance, please send me a PM with your TPG username or customer ID number to assist you accordingly.



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It just happened to me - I would like to see my usage history and the self serve option on the website looks broken to.


TPG customer service is awful... hanging for  a 5g alternative