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Cannot send emails

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When trying to send an email I now get a message regarding error 0x800CCC1A - "your server does not support the connection encryptiontype you hve specified"

How can I get this fixed?


Hi @nomad . Several weeks ago, TPG removed support for TLS 1.0 and 1.1 from their mail server. They did reinstate it for the receive side. You need to upgrade your client to support TLS 1.2.

What port number and security setting are you using for send and receive?

What email client?

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Hi david

Thanks for your reply.

This problem has been ongoing since transition to TMC.  I have been away from home more than at home and have not had achance to sort it out since then. 

I'm not real computer literate, where do I find the port number and security setting?

Thanks, Nomad 


@nomad . What email client do you have and what version?

Thunderbird, Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Apple mail?


For SMTP/Sending, port 465, security SSL/TLS.

For POP3/Receiving, port 995, security SSL/TLS.

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@nomad . Have a look at this in first instance.

Select your version of Outlook. Different versions are similar.

In the article, they mention IMAP. It is likely that your email is POP3 so use the POP3 port mentioned above.

If your Outlook is too old, it might be unable to use TLS 1.2. You will need to upgrade to later version (maybe 2016), or a different product, eg. Thunderbird.

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I had a look thru that link, and confirmed it is POP3. Incoming port is 995, outgoing 25.  Secutity was not checked, so I did so. Then sent another test message and it would not go thru, with error oX800CCC78.


So I checked our other computer which is running Windows Live Mail. A test message could not be sent, with error oX800CCC78, with server error 550

Relay denied - unauthorised

Protocol SMTP

Port 25

Secure (SSL) -  no


So, since transition to TMC, we cannot send mail thru either computer. 

My assumption is that it's a TPG problem, so I would like someone from TPG to talk with me and walk me thru the process.

I did tring them for assistance two days ago but gave up after waiting nearly an hour. 


Guess I'll have to try again, and hope I can get thru, or someone from TPG makes contact and can help me.


Thanks, nomad


@nomad . Back to basics. In Outlook, start off with security NONE. Outgoing is port 25, incoming is port 110.

Try sending and receiving.

Then, add security. Outgoing is port 465, incoming is port 995. Security is SSL/TLS or similar, but not STARTTLS.  Try sending and receiving.


What version of Outlook do you have?


Work on Windows Live Mail later.