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How to be able to get my Yahoo emails back into Office on my computer.

Level 2

I could always get both my TPG & Yahoo emails on my computer. Now I can't get the Yahoo ones in Office any longer, even though I have put in the correct password on several attempts. Yahoo emails fortunately still appear on my iPad & iPhone.

I spoke to Eugene at TPG & he was unable to fix it & he said he'd get someone else to call me back but no one has to date.

Any ideas from the community?

Level 15

Hi @noswopa . Were there any changes to your computer at the time that Yahoo emails stopped arriving?

Are there any error messages when Office tries to connect to Yahoo?

What settings do you use in Outlook for the Yahoo connection?

Do you use an email client on your ipad and  iphone (which client) or Post Office (web mail)?

Have you looked for articles from internet, eg:

  1. Let's allow apps like Outlook to use a less secure sign in. This must be enabled in order to set up the account. Log into, scroll down to the bottom and enable the setting.
    Yahoo toggle to use less secure apps.