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If you're new to the TPG community and are wondering how to use our online community to get the most out of your service with TPG, this article is here to help.


Below you’ll find a brief explanation of how each section of the TPG Community works.


The Community

Trending – What posts are trending in the community for the last 4 weeks.

Just In – Posts that have come in recently.

Answered – Post that have been verified as solutions to customer.

Featured Article – Articles created to help customers with their TPG products and services.


Using the community

Start by typing it into the search bar and chances are, your question will already have been asked by another TPG Community member. If that's the case, you can usually find the answer you're looking for amongst the search results. If you can't, you can submit a new question by using the “Ask a Question” button.




Why should I ask a question in the TPG Community?

The TPG Community is a place full of other TPG customers so chances are your question has already been asked by another customer or we'll have a featured article with answers and information for you. We know that sometimes you'll have a particularly tricky issue. If so, the TPG Community is the best place to ask your question, because our members will do their best to help you out. If they can't answer your question that’s when one of the TPG MODS will step in and help.



When you contribute to the community, by asking a question or commenting on a post, you can earn higher rankings; that way the TPG Community can see how you've helped when they visit your profile.


Does anyone from TPG work in the Community?

Yes – we have a dedicated team who are employed by TPG and know all about our products and services. If you ask a question in the forum and fellow Community members can't answer it, one of the TPG team will assist.


You know that you're talking to a TPG staff as you will see the community1.PNG   icon.


After TPG logo you will see one of the below titles.

Community Manager, MOD and Staff.

Here is a helpful article to explain this further


What’s a private message and how do I send one?

If we need to investigate an issue, sometimes one of the TPG Mods will ask you to private message (PM) us with more details (i.e. your service number) so we can look into things. Private messages are exactly that – private – so only you and the recipient will see the message. You can private message anyone in the community and have added a guide to help you guys, just head here for further help.


How can I thank someone who has helped me in the Community?


If you ask a question in community and someone responds or helps to answer it, you can thank them by giving them a ‘Like’ and marking their answer as a Accepted Solution if the problem was resolved.




Likes are our way of recognising the contribution of a fellow community member, similar to ‘likes’ on Facebook. Giving Likes can be used to let people know you agree with their opinion, they’ve provided useful information or just deserve a pat on the back.


Accepted Solution


If someone helps you by answering your question or solving your problem in the TPG community thread, you should also mark their answer as an Accepted Solution. By doing this, other users who come across the thread can go straight to the Accepted Solution for the answer instead of reading all the replies if they wish. Accepting a solution is a way to pay it forward to the next person experiencing something tricky.


You can read more about Likes and Accepted Solutions here.


Are there any rules to follow?


We do have a set of Guidelines and Terms of service for our members to follow so that everyone has a great experience in our community. 


If you have any questions about the TPG Community, go ahead and leave a comment for us below.



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great little guide, maybe have this post pinned?

Community Manager

Hi @customer2017,

Welcome to the community!

Thanks for the feedback. I have pinned the post to make it easier to find for our community members.

Thanks for the heads up.



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Hi @HenryTing,


We've replied to your other post regarding your SG Mobile query. 

You may  refer to this link for details.

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Android Devices
  1. Slide your finger downwards starting from the top of the screen.
  2. Press the Settings icon.
  3. Press More.
  4. Press Mobile networks.
  5. Press Network operators and your phone will search for networks.
  6. Select TPG from the list of available networks. Share this post. Link to post. Share on other sites.
  7. KrogerFeed
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Thanks for the information, I will try to figure it out for more. Keep sharing such informative post.