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Internet not working

Level 1a
From now on i will everyday post and say ** tpg because they don't listen every time when call they hangup call i can not stay on hold all the time i **ing complaining almost 2 months **ing tpg end of the month they take money from my account **ing all this ** they don't even call back when call get disconnected. Everyone who is facing issue with tpg simply say ** tpg


Welcome to community,

I can see  there is already an appointment for tech visit. Pls wait for him to fix your fault, if you still having issue, pls private message me with your username, contact details,




Hi @rbnsara 
Can you please update me with the current setup/connection  issues.

I can see you have tried to reset the Password at least twice.
* Can you also  please confirm your current username / password combo are working? 

By trying  to logon to the portal.