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Moved house - NBN not working

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Hi, I moved house just two days ago and the new place has an NBN box. NBN box is connected correctly and so is the TPG FTTC modem. It's being two days the link has been a continuous flashing blue though the power has been a continuous blue on the NBN box. NBN device is continually clicking and no connection. I have been calling TPG several times and the response from day before yesterday has been that they are waiting for NBN to get back to them. This is very frustrating. Is the slow response due to the holidays or is this normal?  I would prefer to have a NBN technician or a technician from TPG to check this out please. As I am working from home I need the internet up and running soon. 


Hi @hirunis1


NBN Installation has different Service Class types. Yours is under Service Class 34 which means TPG will send the NCD box together with the modem/router. Then, customer will connect these devices inside the house. Remote activation is likely to happen. 


However in this instance, your connection will need to be checked by an NBN technician. 


Our Engineering Team has coordinated with NBN Co and is awaiting confirmation for a tech visit. 


The assigned Engineer will be in touch via SMS or a phone call for further updates. 


We apologise for the inconvenience.