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Please cancel my TPG service

Level 1a

Hi TPG team,


Kindly cancel my TPG service before next billing date as I have already been invoiced for current billing month, which I should not have been charged.

My TPG service is not locked by contract any more and NEW NBN service from other vendor has taken place on the same premise from 25-Apr-2019, I can provide the recipe upon request for your reference.


Can you please stop chagring me anymore and refund the fee for May? Many thx.



Hi @wangshuaikl


Welcome to the Community! 


We regret to learn that you no longer need our services. 


I will raise your concern to our Accounts Team for further assistance. Should you have a preferred time to be contacted, please let us know so I can organise a contact to be made for you. 






Hi @wangshuaikl


One of our Account Specialists has tried contacting you yesterday but was unsuccessful. May I know your most convenient time to receive a call so I can arrange another contact to be made? 





Hi @wangshuaikl


The refund has been requested by our Accounts Team. You should be notified either via SMS or phone call regarding the status of it. 


Should you have further queries or requires assistance, please don't hesitate to let us know. 



Thank you.