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Poor customer service

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Hi All,

Taking the time here to report my horrible experience with this ISP. We signed up for ADSL2, 3 weeks ago with TPG (installed 2 weeks ago). We signed up with a no lock-in contract costing $99. I then get an alert last Friday regarding upgrading to NBN. I called and was advised I will need to pay another setup fee of $99 when I said this was unacceptable I was told to cancel my plan and transferred to a recorded busy message and hung up on. I called the next day and got a similar experience and told there was nothing they can do and its an NBN charge not TPG charge.

I signed up with another ISP with no connection fee or lockin contract
yesterday and today TPG call me to say I'm ready for the NBN, when I told them the situation they offered a free upgrade which i cannot now accept.

Im left in a position where I paid approximately $160 for 1 month of ADSL2+.

Very poor service.

Hi @Wpzt9

Welcome to the community!

Thanks for raising this to us. Our customers can select two options in upgrading ADSL2+ service to NBN service.

  1. For no lock-in contract they just need to pay for the $99.95 setup fee.
  2. If you do not want to pay for the set up fee, you can sign up for 18-months contract and TPG will pay the set up fee on customer's behalf.

Since you already paid for the $99.95 set up fee for your ADSL2+ service we will raise this to our Account Specialists Team to have this checked and see what we can do.

Unfortunately, you have decided to discontinue your service with us, we tried to use your Community Details to pull up the account unfortunately it does not show any matching records.

Let us know should you require further assistance.




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I still have an ADSL2 service with tpg that hasnt been cancelled.

Yes, we signed up for no lockin 2 weeks ago and paid $99 however tpg are asking for a further $99 for nbn now. I spoke to 2 different tpg representatives regarding this and was told nothing could be done.

After I sign up with another company they call me to say it can be done for free.

Very poor experience.

We regret to know that, @Wpzt9.


Should there be anything we can assist you during your transition feel free to let us know and PM us your account details (Username/Customer ID together with the complete address on file).

In case you need a reference:

How do I private message (PM) in the community




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Hi Shane,
The appropriate solution would be to waive the initial setup fee. Had this been handled correctly by TPG initially I would of continued as a customer. By refunding the initial setup fee it will allow me in future to use this to rejoin TPG should we choose to. The alternative would be to allow us to rejoin TPG without a setup fee (or lockin contract) should we choose to in future.

Hi @Wpzt9,


We will pass this to our Account Team for additional reference. To better understand the situation we would like to get your account details.



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Hi Shane,

Account name sent in private message.

Thanks for sending us your details @Wpzt9,


We will raise this to one of our Account Specialists. Please confirm your best contact number and preferred time.



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Details sent via private message

Thank you for sending your contact details, @Wpzt9.


I'll advise our Accounts team with your availability and have a case manager to contact you to discuss this further.


Kind regards,