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URGENT - completion of CANCELLATION and REFUND or legal action

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I am adding a copy here for the record in addition to sending this through (again) to the formal cancellation email address.

Rajen - TPG's support person here provided a callback mid last week, but this has resulted in nothing occurring, so do not assume that messages here and callbacks result in anything being done...I have since connected with 2 other staff members and no assistance from these either.

To whom it may concern,


After many earlier attempts, I was advised on the 1st May by TPG's service person (Jimbo) that my cancellation would definitely be completed in 24 to 48 hours, and I would also be notified of this.

I informed Jimbo that if this, along with a full refund was not completed in this revised time-frame, I would submit a formal complaint with the state authority and step into legal action if required.

I will kindly give TPG the grace of an additional 2 business days, even though I previously requested help many times, then provided notice, and finally commenced the cancellation process on the 9th of April.

If this provision of additional time is not honored I will step forward legally as necessary.

My summarised RECORD (I have compiled a much larger file of written records and screenshots of live online chats) outlining the steps I have taken to initially get help with starting my NBN service, and later enacting the cancellation of this service, are outlined below:

1. I first requested help to connect the modem and start the service on the 1st of April - still no response on the 6th April in spite of TPG's email suggesting their response would occur in 4 business hours.

2. I emailed again (6th April) advising I would need to consider cancelling my service if I did not hear from anyone in the next 24 hours - still nothing.

3. After 24 hours had passed I advised via the Community Forum that I was cancelling the service - I continued to try every option possible repeatedly in order to reach someone at TPG - again no response.

4. I formally emailed my written cancellation on the 9th April and again was advised that it would be approximately 4 business hours for a response - still nothing.

5. I finally reached a TPG service person (RJ) by phone on the 20th April and he suggested that the cancellation had not been completed because I had not used the 'cancellation email address' (previously no link was provided online for this process). RJ provided the cancellation email address and confirmed that this would be completed in 24 to 48 hours once received at this official cancellation address and a receipt email was received suggesting it would be processed in several days - still nothing.

6. On the 29th of April Rajen made contact (finally in response to my Community Forum posts over earlier weeks) to assist with installing the modem. I had expressed in the forum that I had returned the modem and cancelled the service. Rajen sincerely advised that he would assist and pass this on to the appropriate person to complete this - again nothing.

7. On the 1st of May I reached out again and managed to connect with Carla via live online chat, and she asked me to wait for her whilst she checked with Management on how to complete the cancellation and refund - the connection dropped out.

8. I tried again and connected with Jimbo who said he would take care of it now, however he responded as if nothing was on file and I was a new customer. I let him know that Carla was talking to management and had confirmed the cancellation was on file in front of her, and Jimbo then confirmed he could see this. Jimbo defended TPG, apologised in a perfunctory manner about the earlier delays and false time-lines provided and insisted I needed to give him more time with it and that this would now definitely be completed in 24 to 48 hours - and as yet nothing.

As mentioned, I have advised TPG via their staff (above) on more then one occasion, that if the cancellation was not completed and a full refund provided, I would need to step forward with a formal complaint to the state authority and potentially commence legal action - and here we are.

Please confirm the completion of the cancellation of this service, along with a full refund, as soon as possible. I have been endlessly stressed and patient, and TPG has not met their contractual obligations at the most basic level.


Name: (provided in original email)
Phone number: (provided in original email)

Address: (provided in original email)


Hi @kimbmarees 

Thanks for your query!

Let me have a look for you, and I will get back to you ASAP.

There is also a new ''TPG Mobile APP'' to help you with various trouble shooting and account issues, via a mobile phone app.



Hi @kimbmarees 


Your cancellation request is progressing.

I can see an updated ticket for the followup email you sent today.

I have forwarded this on for urgent action ASAP.



Level 3
I appreciate you checking this, but have also been told falsities numerous times over many weeks, so tangible action from TPG today on this and informing me that the cancellation and refund has been completed today is the only solution I will accept.

Meanwhile, I am studying university from home with no wifi.

And TPG is very efficient at answering sales enquiries, signing people up to their service, and continuing to charge the monthly fee without the service being installed or any customer service to complete this.

I have all of this documented, including screenshots of the live online chats.