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Will ethernet over the power line work with NBN ?

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NBN in home installation is imminent for HFC

Ethernet over power line setup currently works well with ADSL2.

If ethernet over power line works with NBN then a central location could be selected for installation of the in house NBN Connection Box with increased flexibility for connection to PC/TV and other devices and the ability to change device locations in future without recabling.

Advice would be appreciated if this approach is possible/practical ?


Regards    Northb


Level 8

Hi @northb it should work OK as long as you're using it as the link between the ncd and router, you can't use those devices on the street/pit side of the ncd, as a result you simply can't relocate the ncd from it's installed position, you can however move your wireless router to a more suitable position.

A wired Ethernet connection will always be a better option rather than Ethernet over power if possible, the only other thing to keep in mind is that these devices must be on the same power phase on each end, so if you have a 3 phase system as a lot of homes and apartments with ducted A/C have, you may strike trouble.