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problem with NBN cable

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An NBN technician came out to my house and told me my NBN couldn't be connected because there is an issue with one of the underground fibre cable being damaged near my house.


I would like to know when this is going to be fixed. I have not been contacted by anyone to tell me when this might happen. I have been without internet for over a month now and this is just not good enough.


Your online team isn't responding in the chat, and I obviously can't call. So can can someone please tell update me with what the hell is going on!

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In which suburb you located?

@Andreapoli  Our apologies for the inconvinience. You can chat directly with our installation and service delivery team through


Kind regards,

Joseph D

Level 1b

BIrrong, NSW, 2143

Level 1b

I tried to speak directly to your team, but I was put on to someone who never responded. I waited for over an hour for a response.