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No response from installation team

Level 3
What utter hopeless service, after over a month of wait the technician came and said it couldn’t be installed. Unbelievable! Can’t believe such a company would scam customers promising them that they are able to connect to their services but once you’ve paid, nothing is done. Case manager doesn’t even reply back, over hours of wait in call still no one would answer the phone. This company is an absolute joke. I’ve already submitted to tio, you better cancel my service and refund me in full

Hi @justych17 


I’m sorry to hear we are unable to provide you a service. Your case manager will review your account, and will be in contact once they have an update.




Level 3

and when would that be? in a month?! when do i have to wait until for a response?

Level 3

I went through a whole heap of stress with TPG for 6 weeks and they continued to charge me without getting the NBN up and running...I was okay with waiting if they could let me know it would be managed at some stage but noone would get back to me...3 weeks later (after I moved into cancelling) I finally accessed someone and then they started with the "it'll be taken care of in 24 to 48 hours" repeatedly with nothing being was dreadful!

I cancelled and moved on to a new provider who had me up and running with great customer service in less than 48 hours Smiley Very Happy

I have also lodged a complaint with the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman to let them know what was going on...or should I say not going NBN service and no customer support!

Good luck getting through your situation.