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TPG is an absolute JOKE. Worst Customer experience i have ever received anywhere. Each phone conversation will get you no where.

In May i cancelled my interenet one month before leaving my residence, it was all done and dusted and organised over the phone. The day I moved they charge me another $60 for the next month when i didnt even live there and refused a refund even though i didnt use any internet.

Set it up in my new place and still waiting 3 weeks later, they organise a technician to come out and then they didnt and said due to a high volume of work. They have taken $179 from me and said give 10 days. it is now over that time with no service. I have paid money for goods and have not received.

I have investigated and people have filed a complaints with "Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman" here is the website for you all to use aswell -

and be sure that your complaint gets taken seriously and listened to, rather than a foreign person just saying "sorry". I want compenstation for my $60 never refunded in may for a service i never used and now $179 for anther service i have never used and by the look of it will never use.


Hi gendurbridge


Welcome to TPG Community! 


We truly apologise for the inconveniene this has caused. I have checked the history of the account and have seen that the first appointment wasn't completed due to similar issues in the area, hence Telstra technicians experienced overwhelmingly high workloads and tech response times are longer than normal. 


We rely on our wholesale partner to connect your service therefore we are subjected to their connection timeframes. 

Another appointment has been booked on 14 December 2018 between 1PM - 5PM. Please ensure that you or someone over 18yrs of age is present during the visit. 


I realised that you were able to speak with your assigned Case Manager and was advised of the new installation date. Should you have further queries, you may let us know here or may simply reply to the SMS sent. 


Thank you. 

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Thank you Ahra_G for your response. I understand that it is your job to respond to these situation so im not directing this at yo..


Does TPG not realise that requesting people to spend ANOTHER morning or afternoon at home is just not feasible. We have jobs and considering I had to take an annual leave day to stay at home to get this fixed and it didnt, its extremley annoying. TPG are all about saying sorry and not actually making the situation better. I believe if a customer is really upset the company should try and rectify this. If someone had a terrible experience at a Restaurant and complained im pretty sure the manager would step in and offer to cover the nights meal or give a voucher. TPG just say sorry. Its just makes us all angrier.


IF and i mean I big IF my internet is installed Friday as suggested, I would be a TINY bit happier if TPG offered the first month internet free, considering the mess around, inconvenience and money spent in dongles.


I would like some compensation. Otherwise this really is a matter for Odudsman. You have taking pepole's money and delivered nothing. I have researched this so Im still waiting to see how serious you will take me.




We can certainly understand the frustration specially not being able to use the service as expected, gendurbridge


Please be assured that your requests will be passed along the Case Manager assigned. 





Hi @gendurbridge,


We've seen that you have been in contact with one of our Provisioning Case Manager and advised details about the jumpering on the MDF. Let us know should you require further assistance.



Level 2

Hi Shane


How quickly can i get my $179 start up fee refunded.


TPG are a joke and after a month still with no internet I want a refund and I want it fast.


Please advise?



Apologies for the trouble, @gendurbridge.


We can see that this issue has been escalated to our Engineering Team and will have the case engineer contact you before 3PM NSW Time to discuss the matter.


Should you have a preferred contact number and time, please send it via PM.

Level 2
Hi Riezl

I’ve come back to community as I’m not getting through to anyone about cancelling my installation and getting a refund. I have asked to send an email to which I have done and I get a call every second day asking when they can come and finish installation. I have done everything to cancel
And they are not getting it.
Now I have got an email saying I owe YOU $13.54. I haven’t even used the service and instead of you giving me back my set up costs you are asking me for money. This is ludacris. I will not be saying anything more to TPG as I have never received a service. This is a joke now. I’m now with another provider so I just want me money back.

Can you please escalate this as no one is listening to me!!!

We apologise for the inconvenience this has caused you and we'd like to help get to the bottom of this, @gendurbridge.


We have escalated the issue to our Complaints Resolution Team and a case manager will be in touch within 24-48 hours to further discuss the matter.


Hi @gendurbridge, we can see that our Complaints Resolution Team has been in touch via Email.


Should you wish to get an immediate assistance regarding your concern, we suggest that you contact the case manager directly via return mail.


Let us know should you have further queries. Thank you.