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Technician Missed Appointment

Level 2
Wow I'm beyond fustrated at the way TPG deals with new customers. Took a day off work to sit around for their technician all day who ended up being a no show. No call, no sms, no email...Just simply didnt show.
Upon calling TPG they couldn't provide me with any answers and assured me that my case was assigned to a case manager who would call me by next business day.
How ridiculous! I wanted an answer immediately as to why the technician decided he didn't want to show up.
Following day rolled around and my case manager still hasn't called me back, so once again I had to chase after TPG to get answers. Their response was that the technician didn't come out due to heavy work load in the area. What???? Isn't that why we set an appointment??? So that jobs could be assigned accordingly to the technicians based on their workload. To make matters worse they put me back at the end of the waiting queue for reschedule my appointment . Every question I asked was unanswered with "We don't know "
I got zero answers and no compensation, even after asking for 2 months free internet. I couldn't even cancel to get a full refund because they weren't going to refund the $99 set up fee, even though they didn't set anything up.
Run away from TPG as fast as you guys can!!! Wish I had read all the online reviews before purchasing their service because this seems to be a common practice with them.
I'll be sure to plaster bad reviews everywhere and will be escalating this to the ombudsmen.
Worst internet provider ever!!!!!!!!+

Hi @Danshaw87 


Our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience.


We understand the importance of your service. However, as you are aware we rely on Telstra in resolving this delay in your service installation


We're able to locate your account using your community details and understand that you were able to reach our Accounts team. Our Provisioning team is closed on weekends in which we are not able to process your request to reschedule the installation on your preferred date and time.


Your case manager has been advised of your request and will be in touch with you on Monday for further discussion.