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ADSL End of Life and Account Closure

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Two weeks ago I received an email from TPG that my current ADSL service reached end of life and the service will be disconnected at the end of January 2023.


By replying to the email I asked if there is anything I need to do to ensure I do not get billed after the service has terminated, and TPG customer service just replied that I need to cancel my account and otherwise my account will remain active.


So I asked again (1) why it is necessary for me to cancel my account, since it is TPG who already decided to terminate the service, and (2) how is the subsequent billing process is going to be, but I received no reply for a week.


I would appreciate if a moderator here could help me to clarify the situation and to assist with the cancellation process if necessary. Phone calls take hours without getting anywhere and it takes days to receive replies by email.



Hi @TZgrid,


The NBN Fibre Technology is being rolled out around the country by the Australian Government. Once the NBN has rolled out in your area, you will be notified before the old network (ADSL) will be switched off if you're still on it.


Unfortunately, there's no way of getting around this, everyone will have to move over eventually as all copper lines will soon be decommissioned. 

Send in your TPG account details via private message so we can check your account and assist you further. 




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I gave my account number by PM. The way the PM is shown makes it hard to check all of its content so I wonder it the message was sent properly without a part of it being cut off. Please let me know if I need to send it again.


As I originally said, TPG already notified me that my current ADSL will terminate at the end of January. But my premise is not yet NBN ready. When I spoke to the customer service on the phone they also confirmed that it is not ready.


I am not asking why my ADSL is going to be disconnected. I am asking why I need to cancel from my end as TPG already made their decision to terminate the service.


My second question, about the billing, is to understand how my direct debit will be processed for the next month; if TPG bills me the next time it will be for the period from the 2nd of January till the 1st of February. But TPG told me the service will be disconnected on 30th of January; so I wanted to know how the billing will get finalised.

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Hi @TZgrid . Don't cancel your TPG account.

If you have a Telstra home phone and you want to keep it, don't cancel it. That is done after the changeover.

All that happens at end of January is that the ADSL access will be turned off at the exchange. Before then, you need to switch to NBN.


In what way is your premise not NBN ready?

Do you know what type of technology will be used at your premise?

Go to   , put in your address, click residential or business. It will tell you the technology used and a service class indicating what needs doing.


FTTP and HFC need external works. FTTB, FTTC and FTTN make use of the copper telephone cable used for ADSL, plus some minor cabling work. A request for connection to NBN might trigger whatever work is required to get connected.


Regarding billing, I guess there would be a rebate or credit for the unused part of your ADSL connection, and your billing for NBN will start at that time. So it might not be on month boundary like it is now.

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We are supposed to be connected via FTTB. Some of the units in the building are NBN ready, but many others are not.


So at the end I signed up with another RSP to get mobile broadband for the time being.