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Why doesnt TPG sort a Bpay billing system. As I dont have a debit card an cant pay my internet bill. Because TPG are **ing asking for a debit card an how **ing dare you **s tell me i need to get a card so i can pay my internet bill..

Sort your ** service out..

Like my name says



The pic is the reg speed every day an night

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Im having the same issue..

An when you contact TPG they just give you the run around.


Hi Guys,


TPG is a prepaid service, which means we charge a monthly fee in advance before installation. The initial billing cycle commences when your install is complete. As part of our billing system’s automation, we charge 7 days before the next billing cycle.


As stated upon sign up TPG only accepts payment through direct debit or credit card, we apologize for any inconvinience that this may have caused.


If you are having technical issues with the service, you can PM your concerns and username to us so we can assist.


Kind regards,

Joseph D

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when i signed up they said the first initial payment was up front and then after that I could set up paying weekly to help with my budgeting> Have been hung up on twice today enquiring how do I retrieve my Bpay details> Have been told that I cant pay weekly only monthly. One person asked what was the operators id number who signed me up??? I told her check my account and then she put me apparently toward the right person to talk to and then just left me on hold. I have been hung up on and still have no idea on whats going on untill I found these comments from other people on the community page. Am highly pis##d off and very dissatisfied with the communication from tpg and the lack of professionalism> WILL NOT BE RECOMMENDING THiS COMPANY TO ANYONE ACTUALLY I WILL BE TELLING PEOPLE HOW i HAVE BEEN TREATED. NOT HAPPY

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ok you charge monthly.... Listen to the recording of my sign up...I was told I could set up and then i could set up weekly payments to accommadate to my budgeting.. THEY SAID ....yes SET TAHAT UO LATER AFTER FIRST INITIAL BILLING.............

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Not happy....

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When I spoke to the sales person setting up my account they said I could manually pay monthly. TPG are the worst with their payment (theft) system. They need to sort their ** out. I'm in the process of contacting the ACCC and Telecom ombudsman to get out of my contract


Hi @sjeliyelp, please PM us your TPG customer ID, username and complete address so we can pull up the account to better understand what happened.


Thank you.