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Bill Payment: Cannot Pay Manually

Level 2
There is no way for me to pay my bill manually when I choose to.

I called up and customer service told me that my only option was for TPG to debit my bank account.

I was given no indication of this when I signed up with TPG. If I had known that I could not pay my bill when I wanted I would have chosen another provider.

Please advise if you can rectify this and add a function to the app/website allowing me to pay my bill manually.

Hi @laurattyler, TPG is a prepaid service, which means we charge a monthly fee 7 days in advance before the next billing cycle as part of our billing system automation.


You can refer to this link to update your payment details online : Update Credit Card or Direct Debit payment details or Re-try a Failed Payment securely online

Level 2
I want to be able to pay my bill weekly, why can't I do this??

Hi @alanagreen79


Due to the prepaid nature of our TPG business model.  All of our services are paid monthly in advance via direct debt on a credit card or bank account.


Your billing cycle and advance payments explained:

TPG My Account - Accessing your account information online:


Thank you



Level 2
I have been with TPG for several years. I signed up on the condition that I would pay in advance because I never do direct debit. I pay $400 every 6 months or so and always have. They will make you jump through flaming hoops before you can
give them your money. It is ridiculous. What business has a policy to not allow customers to pay money into their account? TPG, that's who. I have nothing else to complain about. Last time I wanted to pay I was ready to jump ship to Telstra. Somehow they caught wind of that and the path to payment cleared. Account management and billing policy at TPG is from the stone age. Push them harder, threaten to churn and be prepared to do so. Once you change to a different provider, they will try to win you back during the cooling off period.

Hi, thank you for contacting us. 


TPG services are prepaid and each monthly period of service needs is paid 7 days in advance. Thus, automatic payment is recommended.


There's a few reasons we have this business model and it's all about ensuring we continue to be able to offer the best value services to our customers.


Check the article below to know how our billing works: