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Can Not Access/Manage my Mobile Accounts

Level 3



I can not access my Mobile accounts from the Account menu.


When I select "Manage Other Accounts" a new window/screen opens and it shows one of my 2 TPG mobile accounts and then it reports an error before closing the window/screen and logging me out of the first screen.


I have read here that _now_ I need to go to the TPG Login screen and enter my Mobile Phone Number and password.


I have tried this and not matter what phone number I enter or what format, it does not work.


I have tried the following formats:






I _assume_ the password is the same as it is for my primary account which is what it was before?


Can you please tell me the _EXACT_ format I must use to enter the phone number and also confirm that the password will be the same as it was before which is the password I use to access my primary TPG Internet account.



Level 3

Update: After reading a few more messages here, I tried accessing the TPG portal/website from my mobile phone. Before this, I have never used this phone to access the internet. The TPG web portal prefilled a username that I was not familiar with (although it did contain my surname - which is not common).


I clicked on "forgot password" and after a few more hoops was prompted to enter a new password, which I did. after a few more hoops, I was in the mobile account and could see my details, I logged out from the phone browser.


After an hour, I tried to log in from my PC although now I keep getting 403 errors.

I have used the exact same details I use on the phone, but my PC won't work.

The exact same details from the phone still work.

I can't and don't want to use the phone for a variety of reasons.

Please help.



Level 3

You can cancel my request for help.


While logged in via my phone, I was able to call up my last Invoice, Email it to myself, then print it so I could read my Account Number. I can now access Mobile Account Management using my Account Number and the new password.





Glad that you've worked it out, @brentons152 



Have a good day!