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Can't log into my Account or Email

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I have been trying to log into my account, which I have had for several years, I seem to have lost my customer number and I also lost all my emails when I purchased a new computer and had all my information put on for me but lost all my emails.


Could you please send me an email with my customer number as apparently this is the only way I can access my account.  I used to access TPG using 'Caleana'.  I have been through the verification process, which I found ridiculous as I said before, I have been a loyal customer for several years.


Michele Stephenson


Hope to hear from you soon.


Hi @Caleana . Is the email address you have been using? Is this the primary address or an alias or slave address?

If you have forgotten the password, you can try the Forgot password link on login screen.

Your POP3 mailbox only keeps emails for 45 days. IMAP mailbox is permanent.

If you get the password sorted out, the client on new computer will download whatever mail is left on server.

Do you still have your old computer? Is it still working?

If so, the emails on it are still accessible using whatever mail client you used.