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Cancel a service due to bad customer service experience

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I have been using tpg since a year and have 12 more months on my tpg contract. I requested for re installation of tpg connection its been 4 weeks since i requested and still no interent. All they do is blame telstra technicians made a mistake everytime (repeated the same mistake). I can't blame the telstra service since i don't pay them i pay tpg for service and i expect reasonable service from them. Have already been charged 3 times this month for all the services and yet no update from them. I want to cancel my contract and get my money back for service i paid which i dint even recieve.



Hi @snehashg,


Welcome to the community!


We apologise for the inconvenience. I went ahead used your community details to pull up the account and I got a match.


This connection issue is now being handled by our Complaints resolution team and the help of our Engineering Team. Based on the investigation and fault progress we have identified that the issue is with the network controlled by Telstra. This unfortunately means only Telstra technicians have the authority to fix this fault.


This has been escalated to Telstra and I've seen that you have been in touch with one of our Senior Engineers and provided the latest update on this case. There will be a Telstra Technician appointment for visit tomorrow. ( 29/Jun/2018, 8AM - 12PM ).


We'll keep an eye on this and pass this on to the relevant team. Rest assured feedback will be provided where is possible.





Hi @snehashg,


I've seen that your assigned complaint resolution case manager has tried to ring you on your mobile, but was unable to reach you. 


They have sent you an SMS asking for your most convenient time to receive a callback to further discuss the concern raised. Kindly reply to the SMS or let us know here your preferred callback time so we can advise your assigned case manager. 


Thank you.