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Cancel my account ASAP been trying to call email login it’s a joke and your service is so bad 4 year

Level 2
Please cancel my account now it’s a joke I can’t wvwn use it have found another provider your making me pay 2 bills no because ** can’t get through & when I did was transfers again 2 hours on phone I have a screen shot. ChillPearl is my user name. Clinton Bates & Peiwen Lin account name is in 26 Doris street GREENSBOROUGH 3088 adsl 2 account close it. Can’t evwn log into my account to make changes also it’s a scam
Level 2

Agree 100%. TPG need to realise that it is not just here that people are taking about their negative experience with TPG and I'm sure that these comments will result in fewer people signing up with TPG - who would want to sign up to a no lock in contract only to discover that they're locked in simply because TPG fail to respond to cancelation requests.


Hopefully TPG will lift their game and get the line managers and those that made the decision to offshore the support to the cheapest tender onto the phones to provide actual support to their cutomers.