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I have just moved house and need to cancel my internet service. My current house already has internet so I do not need to re-locate my TPG service. However, I have called multiple times to cancel and keep getting the message that the "number is busy" and that I need to hang up and call again. Do you have a direct number that I can call or could someone please call me to organise cancellation? Thank you!

Kind regards,

Camilla Fraser


Hi @casaderosemaree


Welcome to the Community! 


I found your account using your Community details and have seen that you were able to speak with one of our Accounts Specialists. Your email response to their team has been received and acknowledged as well. 


We wish you all the best with your new provider and hope that you will consider TPG again in the future. 


Should there be anything that we can be of further assistance, feel free to let us know. 



Thank you!