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Do i get a new modem when moving to fttp

Level 2

I am currently eligible to upgrade from fttn to fttp. However I have had mu tpg modem forever (I think ive had it since 2016). When I went to upgrade via my account it said my tpg provided modem may not be able to reach the speeds offered in the new plan. Will tpg provide me with a new modem when I upgrade or do I need to go buy one....?
Level 7

I kept my FTTN modem (a VX420) when I upgraded to FTTP. It's fine. BTW, with FTTP the modem function is in the NBN NTD, so what we often called the modem (eg Tp-Link VX420 for me) is now a router.


Hi @Jason4,


Depending on the current modem you have, you may need to use  a modem which can accommodate higher speed plans. 


Send us a private message and we'll see what we can arrange for you.