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Double billed when moving house

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I was still on 8 months contract when I moved to a new address in July, I believe the plan is TPG FTTB plan. Because still in the contract and don't want to pay the breakup fee so I want to move the contract to a new address as well. At the time, I was made to believe that the contract duration will stay the same while the plan will just be whatever equivalent plan the new place offered. However, while checking my bank balance, I just come to realise that the old account (which I never know still exist) with the contract is still there and I have been double billed alongside the new plan in the new account.

I just want everything under 1 account with the new address and maybe reimburse the overlap period, is it that hard to ask?? the customer service experience via phone was very poor.


Hi @boivantran


We're keen on checking what happened in this instance. 


Please send your Customer ID or username privately via message so we can check your account for feedback and clarity.