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TPG Postmaster has sent me a direct email saying:


"Unfortunately, aliases won't be transferred or migrated to the messaging company."


I have an EMAIL ONLY account that I have had for 10+ years, and greatly depend on the email aliases as a core part of the product I paid for.  What is worse, is that TPG just billed me via direct debit YESTERDAY for another 12 months.  No replies to my questions from Complaints team.  


Hi @Looking4Answers ,


To answer the question - "I have a couple of aliased email address, will those aliases also be migrated?"


The answer is yes, associated aliases will migrate over with the mail email address.


I am curious though, since you have an email only account, have you received the notice to migrate the email? If yes, can you please pm me your details together with a screenshot of that email as to my understanding, we are currently reaching out to those who's emails are associated with a broadband account.


Kind regards,

Joseph D

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@Joseph_D . TPG might be staggering the notification of the end of email service so as not to overwhelm TMC. The blurb put out by TPG doesn't mention alias or slave addresses. But users having alias and slave addresses will have to register them along with their primary address because there is no correlation between primary and alias/slave addresses at TMC. This is something TMC has to address.

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Hi @david64


You do not need to separately register the associated email alias, just the main inbox and any slave or sub accounts that you wish to transfer.


Kind regards,

Joseph D

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Thanks Joe.

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As I spoke to the TPG Support, the last information I have is, that the SLAVES are treated as separate emails (they have separate number) and need to be submitted individually for the transfer. ALIASES will be transferred with the main email together. TPG Support investigated this and rang me back after the investigation. However, I still would like this matter from another source, e.g. Official written information from TPG.

I have an account with TPG over 23 years (since 1999). I have 2 accounts,

(Both accounts have emails, both Aliases and Slaves) one linked to NBN, mobile etc. and second one Email only, which cost $27.50.year. TPG Support told me that, because of the email transfers, I will not be charged for the next year. However, the $27.50 was subtracted from my account. When I contacted TPG Support again, I was told that the portion of it will be deducted, when my email account is transferred. This support guy didn’t know anything about Aliases and Slaves of the emails and tried to convince me that each email has to be transferred individually. He promised to inform the “headquarters” to explain to TPG customers in the written form what will actually happen with the Aliases and Slaves. Otherwise we may face the situation, by having a separate account for each individual email, paying 10x or more than we should.

Another solution is to register own domain name (with separate provider, for security reasons - avoid GoDaddy) and have a cheap hosting with another provider ( is great). After it, one can have as many emails as one wants without any additional cost or problems (domain rego around US$15/year and hosting US$3.73 - US$4.50/month). It works without glitch past 15 years - personal experience.