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Failure to provide internet.

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Sorry for the lengthy post, I'm posting here as I've seen others post in the forums and receive an actual response from TPG. I'm having an issue that I've sent an email to twice in the past two weeks and received no response about it so they're ignoring my emails, hoping it's resolved here. Otherwise I will need to contact the ACCC.

Starting on the morning of the 11th of November I had been without the internet that I had been paying for. The 11th of November should have been the start of the billing cycle but somehow on this date it seems as if I have been blocked from using the internet service from TPG. I have spent an entire two days calling TPG, being transferred between departments, repeating my issue many times, waiting for a call back that never came, from my issue being 'escalated' to a higher department, and no one at TPG was able to assist me other than insisting that it must be my modem that is the issue.

I have now cancelled my service with TPG, signed up with ABB and have internet within an hour of connecting to the new provider, there is no issue at all. This is very frustrating as TPG was unable to help, or provide the service I was paying for, and TPG was clearly at fault. As I have been unable to access this service since the start of the new billing cycle I am requesting a refund for the $74.99 that I have paid for this month of the billing cycle as I should not be paying for a service that I was unable to access.


Looking forward to your response.




Hi Kadyr, let's have your account details via private message so we can look into your account and check on your refund.